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Nick is currently working as a Freelance Creative, with a well and truly interesting background, delivering a diverse variety of skills & knowledge.


Design & Development

With years of experience in Design & Development he has created concept designs across a varied field of industries including furniture, gift, and home, with over 10 concepts being produced and currently sold worldwide. Having the experience to create physical as well as graphic based designs.


From a teen, Nick has dipped in and out of performing. He's appeared in toy commercials, modelled for product promotions, played a Prisoner of War in a WW2 series, and fought his way through Napoleonic wars as an Imperial Guard. Just a few roles that Nick has been part of.


Throughout the past 10 years it's safe to say Nick has played his hand at many different roles, one of which being an auctioneer. He's always had an eye for antiques, well made products, and the classic iconic designs of years gone by.

So feel free to email him about any potential work 

or just to say hi.

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